The Kakadu Plum has been a traditional plant food, consumed by Aboriginal people for thousands of years, for its antiseptic and healing properties. The plum has the highest levels of vitamin C of any fruit tested in the world and has become very popular as an ingredient in foods & cosmetics such as condiments, sauces, vitamin c organic powders, soaps and shampoos, lotions and ointments, and for its anti-inflammatory anti-tumour, anti-mutagenic and anti-bronchodilatory activities.

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It is this therapeutic and nutritional value that sets the Kakadu plum aside today, as a natural food source for use in the manufacturing of foods, medicines, dietary supplements and cosmetics.

Our research has identified the value of the use of Kakadu plum for potential commercial application including extending the shelf life of various foods, pre-packaged meals, adding vitamin C to fruit juice, skin treatments and complementary medicine.

We supply bulk Kakadu plum powder, frozen purée and whole fruit to the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries.


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